Paramotoring Courses in UAE - 6-12 Days - from SkyOpsX

Paramotor Courses in the U.A.E. - Deposit Only

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SkySchoolUAE runs the following courses near Dubai, UAE starting October 2020:

  • 6 Day Beginner Course: Gets most people flying at least once and allows students to progress onto the 6 Day Intermediate Course having attained the APPI PPG Adventure Pilot rating - AED 4,695
  • 6 Day Intermediate Course: Designed for experienced Paraglider Pilots or those who have completed the 6 Day Beginner course. At the end of the course most students attain the APPI PPG Pilot license - AED 4,695
  • 12 Day Pilot Course: This is a combination of the 6 Day Beginner and 6 day Intermediate course. At the end of the course most students attain the APPI PPG Pilot license - AED 6,995

Upcoming Courses


  • Course 1: 30th October - 4th November
  • Course 2: 6th - 11th November
  • Course 3: 13th - 18th November 
  • Course 4: 20th - 25th November
  • Course 5: 27th November - 02nd December
  • Course 6: 4th - 09th December
  • Course 7: 11th - 16th December
  • Course 8: 18th - 23rd December

    The course fee includes all Equipment, Fuel and Log Books. It does not include Transport, Accommodation, Food or Travel Insurance. To make a booking on any of our courses in the U.A.E. simply chose from the dates advertised and place a deposit of AED 1,000.