Niviuk R-Bus Paraglider from SkySchool

Niviuk R-Bus Paraglider

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Dhs. 15,238.00
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Dhs. 15,238.00

Nivuk R-Bus Paraglider

The R-Bus has the capacity to carry loads up to 500 kg and it is eager to discover new areas and flying experiences. Amazing strength translates into stability and comfort for both pilot and passenger.

Solid but agile, it also permits a uniform inflation and rapid and progressive wing loading. Efficiency is assured from the first to the last moment, resulting in takeoffs and landings that are simple, fast and accurate.

Like all Niviuk wings, the R-Bus is characterised by performance, quality and great flight behaviour. Experience and share all the benefits of this new wing concept.  A great traveller ready for great journeys.

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